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The Poison Song: The Winnowing Flame #3

Author: Jen Williams

Rating: 2-star

Publisher: Headline / Hachette UK

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The first half to two-thirds of the book felt like a slog to me, because Williams chose to split her main characters again. I think I can deal with splitting the main characters as a plot device when it’s used sparingly. However, when used in every book in a trilogy, I find it exhausting. The characters don’t have much of a chance to develop together, and therefore few chances to repair relationships or grow to work together meaningfully.

To make it somewhat more dreadful, Tor spends most of the book believing that Noon is dead. And then tries repeatedly to die (he fails at it).

Noon, on the other hand, is whisked away by a powerful-seeming entity, setting up a reason for us to learn what happened to Noon’s tribe and the full extent of her power. I felt that the encounter raised more questions than it answered. It felt over-contrived.

The ending felt flat for me. The resolution was not satisfactory. And after reading it, I was convinced that book 2 served no real purpose to the story.

Underwhelming and disappointing. I do not recommend this series.