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The Bitter Twins: The Winnowing Flame #2

Author: Jen Williams

Rating: 3-star

Publisher: Headline / Hachette UK

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Williams’ second book in the Winnowing Flame trilogy starts to bog down a little. She splits the protagonists for the majority of the book, something I understand as she’s trying to demonstrate the various actors in play, but that I also feel weakens the story in this case.

Coupled with psychological drama and introspection, the action moves from moving about a large and dangerous world, to navigating several set pieces that focus on how each group of characters is dealing with change or how new discoveries shake their fundamental beliefs.

All that said, I enjoyed the book, even with the slower pace. And it leaves room for book 3 to maneuver the protagonists into action against larger groups that Williams has built through the first two books.

I’m looking forward to seeing how Williams ties everything together.