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The Ninth Rain: The Winnowing Flame #1

Author: Jen Williams

Rating: 4-star

Publisher: Headline / Hachette UK

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Williams presents a world in decay - the once powerful Eboran people are slowly dying, their god apparently forsaken them. Humans pocket various areas, trying to push against an ever-growing wilderness

There are several major protagonists: Vintage is a wine grower and explorer-research, intent on learning as much as she can about the creatures attempting to destroy the world; Tormalin is an Eboran that left Ebora to avoid watching its decline; and Noon is a fell-witch on the run from the Winnowry, and capable of potentially unimaginable destruction.

Williams portrays each character’s flaws and strengths brilliantly. I also enjoyed that she keeps the reader guessing at what the major players are up to, but with enough hints that you can potentially deduce what’s up.

I found the story strong and engaging, and an excellent start to the series. I’m looking forward to finishing books 2 and 3. With as strong a start as this has, I recommend reading it.