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Riddle-Master: The Complete Trilogy

Author: Patricia A. McKillip

Rating: 2-star

Publisher: Ace / Penguin Random House

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Morgon is a prince of Hed, a small, unassuming, and peaceful island. Morgon is also a riddle master that refuses to be acknowledged as such. When confronted with destiny, Morgon does nearly everything he can to avoid it within the first book. The second book focuses on the women that care about Morgon searching to save him. The final book follows Morgon’s path to his final destiny.

I believe the overall story is intended to show Morgon’s growth, but feel that it falls short. Morgon’s growth is often the result of other people’s actions, and less on his decisions. By the end I wasn’t sure that Morgon grew so much as was positioned to succeed.

Often the story introduces people and then forgets them. These weren’t McKillip’s first books, but while reading them I felt that they were written by a relatively new writer, or questionably edited.

Overall, it just works. But just. It isn’t as cohesive as it could be, and feels confused and disjointed.

I don’t recommend it.