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Discount Armageddon

Author: Seanan McGuire

Rating: 1-star

Publisher: DAW / Penguin Random House

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The author places the main characters’ hometown in a small town in Oregon, which she describes as having a local college, a yearly circus, and a sort-of insular family. All a tall order for the particular town she places this story (I grew up there). McGuire doesn’t mention farms or orchards, something that a family like this and with its longevity in the area would very likely own. The lack of accurate details weakened my ability to suspend disbelief. When she described New York, I couldn’t help but wonder how much she got wrong considering the small town that she describes is completely wrong.

The final item that popped any further disbelief is when Verity, the main character, meets Dominic, a member of her family’s long-standing nemesis. And everything spirals out of control. Verity supposedly leads a double life as a dancer—until Dominic pierces that veil. Verity lives in seclusion and hiding in New York—yet Dominic discovers her home with ease. If he can do both, with apparent ease, then how are the Price family even alive?

That’s not even hitting on the constant name-dropping of various cryptid species, that comes across more as the author saying “hey, I’m cool, I know these critters’ names.”

I did not enjoy the book, dropping it before the end. I can’t recommend it.